2012 Highlights

Yes, I know, because isn't it so original to recap your year in a blogpost and tell the world how lucky I am to have such an amazing life! Some great memories as 2012 closes:

8. Eagleman: SUFFER-FEST and, even though I cursed the boiling sun, the no-hills-highways, and every single step of the half-marathon, in retrospect I am sososo proud of myself for crossing that finish line without wanting to quit triathlons forever. Too bad it sold out in 2013, I'd totally sign up for a suffer-fest repeat!

7. Healing hamstring! The past 2 months have been all about easing back into running - smartly - without letting my overzealousness for pain-free running take over. Afraid to jinx it, but I am quite confident that my year-long injury is history!!

6. Four new countries in 2012

  • Guatemala and El Salvador for work, surf lessons (or failure of), empanadas and churros, and volcano-hiking
  • Newfoundland for post-IM recovery and rejuvenation 
  • South Africa for community outreach, gender equality and HIV/AIDS research, and bonding with amazing American University fellow students!

5. New triathlon training friends!! Widening the ever-growing circle of triathlon buddies - girls who eat dozens of cupcakes because we deserve it, people who make me laugh in the 9th hour of the Diabolical Double ride, people who plan their weekends around training rides and runs. We hang out in spandex, we wear underwear less often than we don't, and we write blogs about training and recovery because it's our life!


4. After seven years of putzing about in Jordan and the Himalayas, then finding a home in DC and settling into the monotony of spreadsheets, weekly meetings, and financial reports, I'm back in grad school and loving it. I forgot how much fun learning is, and I'm happy to say that my social circle includes more than just triathletes whose bedtime is 9pm!

3. Finally, finally tried the Lobster Roll truck in DC. Maine style, with a pickle on the side.

2. Bart. Enough said.

1. Ironman Lake Placid: I whimpered through the Three Bears climb on the bike and suffered through the marathon, but LP was an absolute blast. Hungry for more masochistic IM-distance races and even more so for redemption in the marathon. Already excited for next season and IM Mont Tremblant in August!


I seriously, seriously love my life. Can't wait to make even better memories next year! Kicking off 2013 tomorrow by visiting Robben Island, a World Heritage Site near Cape Town, South Africa, where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were held before the fall of apartheid. Then attempting a run to the top of Table Mountain! 

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