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Summiting Mt. Washington

I love mountains.  I love looking up at them; I love looking down from their summits.
I love smelling them.
I love climbing them, and I love that the higher I get, the lonelier it gets, and the happier I am.
I love hiking with people who enjoy the mountains as much as I do and share their Clif Bars.

Mt. Washington stands only 6,288 feet high, but don't let that fool you. The highest recorded wind speed (excluding tropical cyclones) was recorded at Mt. Washington - a whopping 231 mph! How do you even measure that!?!?

Anyways - Mt. Washington has a lovely auto-road so that cars can drive to the observatory at the summit in the summer and admire all the chumps who hiked up. Summer hikers have a dandy time enjoying the views and scoffing at those lazy people in their vehicles.

But we were attempting Mt. Washington in winter.

"Are you going to get a bumper sticker like all the cars that drive up Mt. Washington on the road?" asked a co-worker when I excitedly exclaimed that we…

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