The Next Big Adventure: South Africa!

AAAAHHHHH! I'm so excited! My travel bug has been satiated yet again - and this time, I'm going to...



The only tiny negative drawback is that I'll miss 3 milestones with family and friends in the States:

  • My dad's birthday 
  • New Year's 
  • My and, obviously, my twin sister's birthday! 

An authentic South African ice cream truck! 
Oh well, they have cake and sparklers and ice cream in South Africa!

So here's the deal: I'll be in South Africa for 2 weeks this winter, studying the issues of gender equality, youth empowerment, and HIV/AIDS in the context of ubuntu, a community-centered approach that focuses on the interrelationships among people.

Yeah, doesn't that sound so much better than freezing my butt off in DC, standing on top of a car, scraping chunks of snow off so that I can drive around at 10 mph on roads that never got rock-salted!?!?!?

Maybe these kids will let me ride their bikes
so I can keep up with training?

I could start packing today, I'm that excited! I wrote an overflowing-with-exclamation-marks letter to the Poynter Endowment Fund, thanking them for my big surprise grant for travel expenses! I mean, who doesn't love the gift of grant money!?!?

That's my big news! What's yours?!?!

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