TAcademia: Transitioning back to school!

I'm back in school! That's right, I dropped the dry-cleaned pants and collared shirt for a bookbag and a writing callus!

And it feels goooood to be learning again!

It hasn't quite translated to what I had hoped would be 6-hour training blocks in the afternoon; I'm busier than when I worked full-time. My last race of the 2012 season was IMLP, so I guess I don't really need to be logging in huge training hours yet!
And IM Mont-Tremblant is still 11 months away, so I've got time to figure it all out :)

Here's the brief run-down:
  • I'll be a nerd for 2 years.
  • I'm getting my Master's in International Development (yeah, that whole Peace Corps influence thing) and Development Economics.
  • OK - yes, I know. Mindy? Economics? Pretty soon I hope to be understanding a little more than basic supply and demand and the Keynesian theory...

  • Where do I live these days? This building: 

AU's School of International Service - it's got a LEED Gold Certification!
  • And yes, I'm still working: the dough's gotta keep rolling in! I got a pretty awesome fellowship and spend my days working for an amazing professor and heading a research project focused on multi-stakeholder participation in global governance processes. In short, I will be Master and Guru of what is now a totally incomprehensible data analysis software gigathingamabobber. heehee
  • I found a new pool to swim at! AU has a great indoor facility, so I usually jump in on an afternoon study break and slam out a couple of 500s. Oh, and it's pretty much a guarantee that I have the lane to myself, which is always nice!
  • AU has a Farmer's Market on Wednesdays! 
  • Most of my entertainment is spent watching undergrads go to class in high heels and type away on their iPads with manicured fingers. My, how times have changed. When I was an undergrad...
  • I absolutely love my professors. And most of my classmates, except those who are super-in-your-face competitive or the ones who recite the stamps on their passports. People are amazing. I may just have friends who stay up past 10 pm once the semester is over!
So the AU campus is my second home for the next 2 years. I can't believe I waited this long to go back to school! 

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