Chinese Idiosyncracies

Yes, we Chinese are weird.

This is not a typical greeting, I promise!!! 

Just reading the morning paper...
We're loud, we burp, we read a book backwards, and we have a habit of taking over neighboring territories. There's more to us than that!

You know you're Chinese when...
  • You use the dishwasher as a drying rack. 
  • You prefer to eat noodles with sticks. 
  • You slurp up the soup really, really obnoxiously loudly when all the noodles are gone.
  • You recycle sandwich bags - not for environmental reasons, but because you don't like paying for Ziplock bags.
  • You know exactly what I mean when I say we tie the "special knot" on our veggie and fruit plastic bags. 
  • You don't allow shoes in the house. 
  • You actually use the toothpicks in restaurants. 
  • You think of fish balls like Americans think of chicken nuggets.
  • Dessert is red beans on top of shaved ice - and it's delicious. 
Shaved ice, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, mango, and red beans...I salivate! 
  • You laugh at American political jokes, but you don't really understand them. 
  • You tip poorly. 
  • You order family style at a restaurant.
  • You abhor the idea of all flavored teas. Black, green, and jasmine tea solve everything!
  • You ask the hotel for more of the sample shampoos and conditioners so you can use them at the gym. 
  • You head straight to the clearance aisle whenever you shop. 
  • When something surprises, shocks, or disappoints you, you find yourself tsk-ing and saying "ay-aaaaa."
  • You buy capris and wear them as pants. 
  • You like fish with their heads on and soup with bone marrow.
  • Your face turns beet red with 2 ozs of any alcohol. 
  • You'd be perfectly happy eating dumplings every single day of  the week.
  • You think rice for breakfast is normal.
  • You shave maybe once a month.
  • You think ping pong is exciting.

  • You love to gamble, but only at the $5 minimum tables.
  • When you don't understand something, instead of asking politely "Can you repeat that?," you scream, "WHAAA?!"
  • Your grandma's house smells like mothballs.
  • Every event - reunion, Xmas, wedding, funeral - revolves around a multi-course meal. 

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