Many Reasons to Smile

I'm so happy.

I mean, like bursting with excitement!!! yes, I know, I'm always screaming about something. But life is so wonderful...shouldn't every day be a celebration!?!?! Sometimes I get excited for no reason...but this winter, there are plenty of reasons for Mindy's happiness!
  • I got an internship with the UN Refugee Agency for the spring! My dream organization!!! 
  • Snapple training camp at the Lost Barn! I should mention that this *may* be the year that my 650s make it up the backside of the Lost Barn. Or not. Either way, it'll get me in gear for the season!  
  • I nailed down my 2013 tri schedule! So excited to race Monticelloman Half in May, Rev3's Quassy Half in June, and IMMT in August! Oh, yeah, and to CRUSH the Rapha Gentlemen's Race in true female fashion with Sarah, Caroline, and Katie...Diabolical Double, get ready for my 4mph hill-crushing speed! ha! 
  • I got published! Here's my article on the Hill's Congress Blog! 
  • I'll be in South Africa next week, studying gender equality, youth empowerment, and HIV/AIDS! 
  • My hamstring is almost entirely healed (actually, it's my pes anserine, according to the chiropractor)!!! Running again feels soooo good. 
  • aaaaannndddd...I'm eating a brownie with ice cream (vanilla bean, the simple life!!) right now - life doesn't get any better than this! 

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