Running Bliss!

You want to know pure joy? Look at the runner at 0:33. He is so happy, he doesn't even care that the mud from the guy in front of him has splashed all over his chin. 

And guess what!?!?!? I'm that guy now, three times a week! 

That's right - I'm running again! 

Since the last tri of the 2011 season, I've been devastatingly sidelined with a torn hamstring. After bouts of ART, PT, dry needling, and glute-strengthening exercises, I'm finally back on the running scene! 

After Ironman Lake Placid in July this year, I took 7 whole weeks off of running per Bart's orders (he is the closest thing I have to a coach). If anyone needs a detailed outline of the different workouts available on the elliptical or Stairmaster, you know who to come to. I am your Guru. 

It's been about 3 weeks now that I've been back on the running scene. No road races in sight; the only goal I have is to be healthy enough to run a marathon for IMMT in August 2013. 

I absolutely love running again. Just strap on your shoes and get out the front door. No driving to the pool and sharing a lane with Ms. Pool Runner and Mr. Breaststroker. And no getting the bike ready by pumping up the tires and stocking up on nutrition and then fighting the honks from cars on MacArthur. Running is about simplicity and efficiency. 

So happy to officially be a runner again! 

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