Happiness is...

1. Ice Cream - slightly melted (current favorite flavors: Volun-Tiramisu (only at Target!) and Breyer's Black Raspberry Chocolate)

Cold Stone Creamery...with crushed waffle cones...nomnomnom
2. Waking up NOT to an alarm
3. Friends from high school and college who keep in touch 
4. Getting a compliment from a stranger
5. Listening to music that makes me smile and belt the lyrics (most recently, that 80s song that goes "I would walk 500 miles")
6. Watching Rudisha win the 800 meters and break the world record

I cried when he crossed the finish line!
7. Swim workouts when I feel like a fish 
8. Swimming at Haines Point 
9. Running again! (this will hopefully come in mid-October...boy, do I miss it!)
10. A grilled cheese sandwich after a workout

Nothing beats melted cheese between carbs!
11. Learning again - hello, Master's program!
Happy to be a student again!
12. Eating the batter before putting the brownies or blueberry bread in the pan

My one day as a chef in the Peace Corps...
13. Finishing a book 
14. Getting paper mail that isn't a credit card offer 
15. Indian curries with naan 

Banana Leaf Thali in southern India
16. Clean bedsheets
17. Road trips anywhere with Bart...even to the local post office.
18. Getting licked between the toes by a dog 

19. Air-conditioning in the summer and central heating in the winter
20. Coffee with cream and sugar anytime of the day
21. A PR 
22. Cheese and (real) french bread
23. When airplane flights have Fresca
24. Traveling with my red backpack  
Hiking through the Himalayas in 2008
25. Sushi - but not with kani

Raw tuna, anyone??!?!

26. Finishing a sweaty ride and saying "YES!" when Bart asks if I crushed it
27. Chinese hot pot in the winter
28. Sleeping naked 
29. Freshly shaved legs 
30. Booking a ticket somewhere new
31. Mountains and altitude

Summit of Pisco - my first climb with an ice-axe!
32. the Ko Family

33. Learning new languages
34. Good Karma
35. Black seedless grapes and watermelon 
36. A new recipe success
37. Sunglasses and goggles that fit my nose
38. Laughing at myself

39. Bart putting up with my cuddly antics when I pretend to watch a movie

40. Kids waving back to me in the schoolbus
41. The color Yellow
42. Coconut sticky rice with mangoes 
43. Childhood memories: roadtrips to Vegas, hitting my mom with tennis balls, walking to the library and Arby's every day in the summer with Phebe, skiing at Brighton and Snowbird, and our luxury dining nights of Sizzler or Olive Garden

44. Window-shopping at Williams-Sonoma
45. Falling asleep next to and waking up with someone I love

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