Ludicrous Lawsuits

Yesterday, I read that Strava was being sued. Here's the article from Outside Magazine:
The family of a California man who died two years ago in a Berkeley cycling accident is suing the social training website Strava, claiming the site's time-comparing features encouraged him to speed.  William Flint, a 41-year-old Oakland engineer, was riding at least 10 miles over the speed limit down a road in Tilden Park when he attempted to avoid a car and lost control of his bicycle.  Flint's family alleges that he was attempting to recapture his Strava title of "King of the Mountain" for that section of road.  The San Francisco-based company allows cyclists to compete for spots on its leaderboard by sharing GPS-based speed data.  Last week, a San Francisco cyclist was charged with felony manslaughter after running down a pedestrian in a crosswalk in an alleged attempt to beat a Strava record.

So, in my lovely ways of using the internet to procrastinate, I googled what other ludicrous lawsuits are out there.  This one wins for sure - a bandit who sued the race director of a mud run because he was paralyzed during the course!

According to Runner’s World, “Robert Fecteau III is suing the organizers of the 2010 Filthy 5K Mud Run in Richmond, Va., for negligence after he became partially paralyzed in a mud pit near the finish. Fecteau is seeking $30 million even though he wasn’t a registered participant in the event."

Yep, this Fecteau dude didn't even register for the race...I mean, if people choose to violate the rules, that’s their prerogative.  But if they get caught, they should apologize, not attack.  But this guy got hurt where he didn’t belong.  He sounds like the guy who breaks into your house and then sues because he cut himself on the glass of the window he smashed in order to get in.

Wouldn't it be more reasonable for the race director to countersue him for trespassing and theft of services?

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