Creativity sparked by Gaseosas

In El Salvador, “gaseosas” refers to any soda. They drink a lot of it here. Soda out of glass bottles, soda out of aluminum cans, soda from plastic bags tied up with a rubber band.
During lunch today for a training session to 45 police officers, we were each served gaseosas. While I was mid-conversation with two policemen who were asking me why I didn't become a policewoman, a Salvadoran woman came around collecting the tabs off the aluminum cans. She wasn’t homeless; she wasn’t begging; she just said, “Your tab, please.” So, I twisted it off and placed it in the pile of tabs already mounded in her fat palm.

I assumed that she was collecting tabs to exchange for money, but after lunch I found her walking around with some new jewelry. Check out her earrings, necklace, and bracelet – all made with a mere piece of ribbon and the whole training session’s collected tabs from their Pepsi cans!

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