Almost Nap Time!!

It's 4:34 am, and van #2 has just done our last slap-bracelet exchange for the, morning. Virginia's heading out on her second leg, a 5.6 mile run starting in Frederick. I'm still awake and bright-eyed from my own 5.6 mile leg, a boring, follow-the-highway-shoulder run that was in pure darkness.
The team headlamp, handed off to me by an Energizer Pickles, was sweaty and heavy. Very sweaty. And dying. But its progressively dimming beam helped me to avoid any roadkill on the shoulder of the highway.
Team highlights of all of our second legs: Pickles reported a hill-billy coming out on his front porch at 1:30 am to ask what this whole 200-mile bid'ness is 'bout. I avoided stepping on racoon brains and my only scenery thru pure darkness was a half-moon. Heather had to cross the highway twice because of a very sketchy pickup truck "waiting" in her running path. Andrea ran, headlamp-less, thru dark alleys in Frederick to salsa music jammin' on her iPod. Eric stepped, no joke, on a bloody serrated knife lying in the middle of the sidewalk. Location: Frederick. He couldn't identify any corpses or victims, but now all of us van #2 are "shadowing" Virginia, the last runner of our van. Making sure she crosses that finish line safely so we can all finally have some sleep.
Van #1, we really wouldn't mind if you took a bit longer on all of your third legs.
Basso, 2 bananas are waiting for you to inhale them.
Follow the team's progress and pictures here!
- Mindy

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