Mindy's 2009 Resolutions

Make laughter contagious
Schedule a LASIK consultation
Promote sushi
Ride a bike
Get a new pair of Asics running shoes
Make plans for Macchu Pichu
Wear my anti-teeth-grinding-device (terribly annoying and speech-impeding) at least 50% of the nights
Wear my seatbelt
Learn Mandarin
Master homemade ice cream
Support organic products when they support my budget
Run a half-marathon or complete a full marathon
Don't skimp on cheese
Attend Obama's inauguration
Learn how to make potstickers
Subscribe to the New Yorker (Don Hesse's influence)
Don't judge people who have piercings or religious convictions
Play the piano
Wear sunscreen
Eat with utensils and chopsticks, not with my hands

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