To all Indian Women: Happy Karwa Chauth!

Today is an Indian festival. Not surprising, as the Hindu calendary is filled with festivals, and October is the busiest month. Shopowners have already been preparing for Diwali, still 2 weeks away, and tailors have been telling customers, "Your pants won't be ready until November." The excuse? It's almost Diwali, and until then, all of India is on vacation.
Today's festival, Karwa Chauth, is almost synonymous to a Women's Day, or Mother's Day. All married women are required to fast the entire day - no water, no food, no sex, nothing passes the lips. Once the moon appears at night, they dive into a feast of curries and sweets, often sharing the meal with their female neighbors and friends. The fast symbolizes good health and well-being of their husbands, and it's a day for women to be pampered by their husbands, and the first bite taken is always from the husband's hand.
As an unmarried woman and fanatical food lover, I won't be fasting with married Hindu women. But to all Indian wives out there: Happy Karwa Chauth!

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