Unanswered Questions

One of the most frustrating things is when you ask, "Why not?" and the answer is, "Just because," with a shrug.
Why can't Myanmar's military government put priority on the health and safety of cyclone survivors over their unwillingness to let international aid workers into the country?
Why can't we solve world hunger?
Why are eggs fried in butter so much more delicious than eggs fried in oil?
Why can't all religious and political denominations accept each other's differences and live, if not together, at least peacefully?
Why does listening to Juanes sing Spanish pop songs and to any symphony by Beethoven make me so happy?
Why can't women in my village go to the store to buy vegetables?
Why can't Muslim women marry more than one husband, if men can marry more than one wife?
Why can't people concentrate on the value of the Olympics instead of using it as a political avenue to campaign for Tibet?

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