A Cruel Joke

An English teacher at my school mispronounces the word schedule, so that every time she uses it in a sentence, it makes my jaw clamp up and my cheeks tighten in the attempt not to burst out laughing. Actually, she doesn't mispronounce it; she confuses it with the word sexual. I have yet to tell her of her faux pas because it never fails to make me laugh. Wouldn't you laugh, too, if you had conversations of:
"Mindy, I need to look at your sexual. I want to switch classes on Tuesdays with you."
"Mindy, is your sexual OK? Do you have too many classes? If you are tired, we can always change your sexual."
"Mindy, the sexual for the semester has changed because the Ministry of Education wants public schools to finish a week earlier."
"Mindy, during Ramadan, the sexual will end early. It will finish at 12:00 because the students are fasting and they will be too tired to concentrate on studies."
Eventually, I will tell her that the noun schedule is pronounced schedule, whereas the adjective sexual is a word that would, if overheard, probably get her fired. But for now, it's my guaranteed laugh each day, and I'd hate to have that stripped from me.

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