A Chi-Gung Lesson in Love

I read this in a book about chi-gung by Daniel Reid. Even if you don't think chi-gung works, there's no denying the value of this lesson.
"Perhaps the most important element of all in cultivating the right mind for life on the path of spiritual practice and energy work is love...The universe from which we harness power when we practice chi-gung is a living organism with spirit, and that spirit is guided by wisdom and compassion. All of our energy comes from the universe and ultimately returns to it...Love is the best safeguard against the deviant use of energy, and spiritual self-cultivation is the best way to understand how wisdom, love and energy are inseparable tribunal virtues that must always be cultivated together.
"To cultivate love, you must practice it daily...
- Try to hug someone at least half a dozen times per day. Make it a real bear hug, and do it...with body relaxed, breath deep and slow, mind still and empty. If you really relax into a hug and pay attention to how you feel, you'll be amazed at how much positive energy it generates.
- Learn to say, 'I love you'...When you say 'I love you' to someone and mean it, you beam healing energy to them and enhance their health and happiness.
- Laugh a lot. Laugher is a very positive expression of energy, and it's closely related to love. Laughter comes from the heart, so when you laugh, you open your heart and balance your heart energy. Laughter does not always have to be prompted by humour; simple happiness suffices to stimulate a good belly laugh.
- Avoid anger like the plague. Anger completely wilts the most carefully cultivated garden of love. Anger generates highly volatile, very destructive energy, and the person who suffers most from anger is the one who expresses it, not the one at whom it is directed.
- Practice the 'Golden Rule': do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you...If you do something deliberately, knowing that the result of your action will harm someone else, that sets in motion a chain reaction of energy dynamics which ultimately backfires on you.
- Always give before you receive, and you will never want for anything. Giving is an expression of love. If there's something you really want in life, the quickest way to get it is to give others what they want, and this in turn will establish a flow of positive energy back to you."

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