My Running Debut

It's less than 2 weeks until I run the Dead Sea Half Marathon on April 11! Below is my current training schedule:
Day 1: 5:30 am: Walk through tomato farms for 75 minutes. Lunges, squats, and various exercises in my front room for about 20 minutes.
Day 2: 5:30 am: Walk through tomato farms for 75 minutes. Jump rope for 20 minutes.
Day 3: 5:30 am: Run for 45 minutes through the cauliflower farms, only stopping if I need to throw rocks at wild dogs.
Repeat the 3-day cycle.

So, you can see why I'm a little skeptical as to what type of half marathon shape I'm in. I sent out an email to Peace Corps volunteers, encouraging any of them to run this event - all the money raised goes to the Society for Neurological Care in Jordan. My plan backfired slightly, though, when all but one volunteer signed up for the 10K. I may be running most of the race alone, and when I compare my training regimen with that of previous years (when I was training for the Houston Half Marathon, I was logging about 20-25 miles a week) or with that of my phenomenal sister (I think she runs 90 miles a week...actually, she may be in the triple digits now), I shudder at how well (or not so well) my performance will be. But tomato and cauliflower farms provide limited entertainment, and my runs always end before the village starts to stir and sees an Asian wearing bright pink jogging pants and an Ipod running through fields.

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