Favorite Memories: Part II

- Mommy's Two Kitchen Creations: Pina Colada Shakes and Scrambled Egg Sandwiches
- Eating at Chinese Hot Pot Restaurants in the Winter
- Dim Sum on Sunday mornings. Phebe and I would always get mad at waitresses who tried to force Mommy and Daddy to buy the dim sum plates from their meandering carts.
- Hawaii Vacation. Daddy lounging in the shade, Mommy keeping him company, me swimming laps in the ocean, Phebe requesting that random tourists take her picture while she struck the same pose. Phebe and I eventually made friends with some locals, and we learned to dock dive – jumping off the docks at just the right moment so that we would land on the crest of the wave and thus avoid hitting the jagged rocks below. For lunch, Daddy and Mommy would always eat at the only affordable Chinese place near the beach named Fatty's, and Phebe and I would always get Coldstone.
- Season ski passes. Every Sunday, Phebe and I would go to Brighton and ski for the entire day. Remember all the tree trails and the hot chocolate and fries for lunch?
- Lagoon, Salt Lake's equivalent of Disneyland. Phebe and I had season passes and would run from ride to ride while Mommy waited patiently and tagged along with the Fisher Price wagon behind her. We brought the wagon as a practical storage tank for all our swimming gear and our packed lunches, since theme parks always charge astronomical prices for pizza and caramel apples. Even when Phebe and I rode the Sky Ride (which was synonymous to a ski lift that carried people from one end of the park to the other), we would always see Mommy plodding along underneath, towing the yellow-and-green wagon behind her. Phebe and I were those annoying kids who, immediately after the ride ended, raced through the exit trail and, as we whirled past Mommy waiting for us at the exit, screamed, "We're going again!" And then we'd dash past all those meanderers and get right back in line. The 30 minutes spent waiting for each ride were filled with high-pitched conversations of, "I think I'm gonna purposefully lift my knees up so that when the attendant comes by to put down the plastic guard, it won't be as tight and then I can fly when we hit those bumps…Let's try to raise our hands the entire roller coaster ride…After this, let's go on Jet Star 2 and then we'll go on the Dragon Rollercoaster and then after that we have to make a dead dash for the Sky Ride."
- Cancun Vacation, when we took family snorkeling lessons. I remember Mommy passed the treading test and got her PADI license only because, when our instructor wasn't looking, she stood tip-toe on the shallowest part of the pool and counted down the seconds until her twelve minutes was up.
- Every Sunday, after Sportsmall, we would all go to Video Vern's and pick out a movie. We'd spend at least an hour choosing a movie, and our "splurge nights" were when we'd rent a New Release, a pricey $2.99.
- Phebe and I collecting the tickets our orthodontist gave us every appointment for having clean braces, wearing our rubber bands, or flossing regularly. Every six months or so, we would trade our tickets in for CD players or gift certificates.
- Going to Crownburger with Mommy.
- Playing with the dogs in our neighborhood, and coming home to find Sandy waiting on our porch...remember, Phebe?
- Our only pet, Spike, a golden retriever who we failed to potty train. Eventually it built up so that Daddy claimed that the next time Spike shat on the carpet, it was back to the pound…well, one day he came home and yelled, "What is this on the carpet?" Both Phebe and I didn't need more than two seconds to figure out that Spike had left a brown, stinky mass on the stairs. Phebe valiantly ran to my dad and claimed that "I did it! I couldn't hold it so I pooed on the stairs! I'm sorry, Daddy!" It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a ten-year-old Asian girl most likely is not responsible for the two-pound glob that looks like the spitting image of what you see on the grass while running through parks. Bye, Spike...we miss you.
- Cuddling on the brown beanbag at the bottom of the stairs and having Mommy read us a story at night.
- Being buffoons in the ballet Swan Lake

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