Favorite Memories: Part 1

- Days at Sportsmall when Phebe and I would play racquetball and tennis, run, swim, and do every possible activity. Then we'd head over to Sconecutter and get kids' meals. Phebe always got Sloppy Joe scone with Mint Chocolate Chip Shake and I always got BLT without the Bacon (at 10, I didn't realize how ridiculous this sounded) with Strawberry Shake.
- My cousin Eric swimming and the way his eyes bulged out in his goggles
- Phebe and I going to Great Harvest (local bakery) after swim practice. We would walk in wearing our swim robes over our still-dripping swimsuits with our heads sucked up by latex swim caps and our goggles hugging our foreheads. We never took off any of our swim gear until we got in the shower at home. I still don’t know why.
- Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake; the Browned Spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese and, for dessert, Spumoni ice cream
- Phebe and I taking the Fisher Price wagon to the library and, when returning home, taking turns walking behind the wagon to make sure no books dropped out. Then taking the wagon to Arby's, parking it in a parking space, and eating subs for lunch. Once, we even walked through the drive-thru with our wagon, but realized it wouldn't work when our wagon wasn't heavy enough to trigger the weight wire for cars.
- Laying out at Sportsmall's pool in the summer, and staring at families who ordered pizza from the Little Caesar's across the street
- Cross-country races in high school
- Road trips with the family. Phebe and I, in the back, would always somehow squish both our faces between the driver and passenger seat, just to watch the endless road and flip the radio channels.
- Going to operas, ballets, and plays with Mommy, because she wanted us to be exposed to "cultural theatre." Phebe and I would always bring our baby blankets, and our favorite part of the night was intermission, when we would stand near the snack stand and stare as the audience bought Pepsi's, M & M's, and cookies. If anyone bought the brownies, we'd always whisper to each other, "They're lucky."
- Sleeping downstairs in the summer in Salt Lake because it was cooler. But I was always too scared to sleep down there by myself, so I waited for Phebe.
- Ponderosa and Chuck-a-Rama buffets on Sunday night. Getting the kids' (under 10) buffet prices until we were 15.

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