My Favorite Sandals - Superfeet's sandal debut!

Well, Superfeet brought back one of my feet's favorite things to wear: Superfeeet sandals!

Women's Superfeet sandals - step in 'em this summer! 
 I love these sandals - post-long run, to the pool, around the campground.

The arch is super-supportive, and since they're gender-specific, the width of the heel cup is JUST RIGHT for women! These sandals are also, amazingly, higher quality than the Superfeet sandals that debuted about 5 years ago - the sandal straps are much more comfortable (don't cause blisters on any feet!) and durable (made of quick-drying synthetic leather)!

Check out all the colors for men and women!
Now, I've got Superfeet with me every step of every day! Work, hike, bike, run, AND pool! 
One more thing that I love about this sandal: the soles have just enough traction so that, when I wear them to the pool, I'm not slipping on the tiles like I did in my previous sandals. Loving these! 

My local REI carries them - or you can order them straight through Superfeet's website -

Love being a Superfeet Ambassador for a second year! 

Raise your hands if you're just as excited as me for these amazing sandals! 

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